Beauty is not long hair, skinny legs, tanned skin or perfect teeth. Believe me. Beauty is the face of who cried and now smiles, beauty is the scar on your knee since you fell when you were a kid, beauty is the circles when love doesn’t let you sleep, beauty is the expression on the face when the alarm rings in the morning, it’s the melted makeup when you have a shower, it’s the laughter when you make a joke you’re the only one who can understand, beauty is meeting his gaze and stopping understanding, beauty is your gaze when you see him, it’s when you cry for all you paranoias, beauty is the lines marked by time. Beauty is what we feel in the inside which also shows outside us. Beauty is the marks the life leaves on us, all the kicks and the caresses the memories leave us. Beauty is letting yourself live.

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Und ich denke zu viel nach, ich warte zu viel ab, ich nehme mir zu viel vor und ich mach davon zu wenig.

— Julia Engelmann (via soulsscrawl)

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Du musst dir schon selber Konfetti in dein Leben werfen

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Stop saying it’s okay when your soul’s bleeding. Stop trying to dodge knives that always end up in the depths of your heart. Stop looking to the ceiling hoping that tears won’t overflow. Stop taking people’s shit. Walk away. Fuck them all.

— E.B., Self advice (via fading-breath)

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Lass dir einfach nicht anmerken, wie scheiße es dir geht.

— Mein Motto…. (via -snowwild-)

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Und obwohl sie sagen “ich bin für dich da”, bist du allein.

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no i’m not crying

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Favorite one..

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Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”. They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you.

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